News about naturism in France

Learn about naturism and discover all its secrets, whether you are a practitioner or not.

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Everyone has heard of it. Between 3 and 4 million French people practice it, Many say they are ready to give it a try. For some, it is a genuine philosophy of life and for others an original way to let your body express itself, to approach nudity from a new angle and to learn to accept yourself as you are. Naturism is getting trendier every year in France. It is practiced mainly by the sea, but also in the mountains and in the countryside. This section of France 4 Naturisme aims at getting you more familiar with naturism and at helping you unravel all its secrets, whether or not you are a practitioner.

All your questions on naturism

What are the differences between nudism and naturism? How to guarantee the success of your first stay in a naturist center? What are the rules once in a naturist campsite? What are the values of naturism? Why is it intimately linked to physical activity, relaxation and respect for the environment? Can it be practiced as a family when you're a father/mother of teenagers and young children? Does it really help improve your general health? Is it regulated by law? Where are the most beautiful and best naturist campsites in France? Are there associations that organize events and activities specifically for naturists?

You will find all the answers to these questions in the articles in our "Naturism News" section. Remember to check this page regularly to discover all our new articles. To find out more about naturism, you can browse the French Federation of Naturism's website (FFN). If you plan on living a unique and unforgettable experience, you can now book your stay at one of the France 4 Naturisme campsites.

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