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Naturism: when freedom rhymes with respect

Far from being a craze, naturism is a genuine lifestyle choice that is nearly a philosophy! It is becoming increasingly popular with a wider range of increasingly younger people. What are the reasons for this keen interest? First and foremost, it is because naturism is synonymous with the idea of freedom. It is also because the benefits of nudity on the mind and body are very real. Finally, it is because social differences disappear once clothes are discarded. With the body freed from pointless restrictions, human relationships are often less complicated. When everyone is naked, we are all much more equal and tolerant as everyone is learning to accept themselves more.

• respect for others: politeness, discretion and consideration are shown at all times. Complete nudity is encouraged everywhere, but is obligatory on the beach, in the swimming pool and in the balneotherapy areas. Clothes can be worn for certain activities and in some facilities, for example if you are cold or want to take part in sport, then you can put something on. We also respect the fact that some adolescents may be self-conscious , so it is not a problem if they wear a pareo or towel outside the bathing areas. We ask you to refrain from any noisy activities, to keep your speed down when driving and to respect all facilities and equipment for the benefit of all. We pay great attention to monitoring the safety of everyone on our sites.

• self-respect: a naturist holiday allows you to reconnect with your body, to liberate it and to accept and love it. We offer many creative and healthy activities that allow you to be at one with nature, including yoga, relaxation and hiking, for example, which provide a sense of healing and wellbeing, which can also be found in our fitness centres and relaxation areas. You can be yourself with complete peace of mind.

• respect for the environment: our naturism lives side by side with the unspoilt natural world. We encourage ecologically responsible behaviour (by promoting cycling and walking for example) and we are increasing our own green initiatives. Sustainable development and tourism are also at the heart of our concerns. Each site implements this in their own way with solar energy, organic cosmetics, electric buggies, etc.

• Come and join us here at France 4 Naturisme for genuine naturist holidays where a sense of sharing, conviviality and discovery is on hand every day. With a soothed spirit and a revitalised body, you will be ready to return to your everyday life...until the next holiday of course!

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