Naturism and nudism - what's the difference?

Naturism and nudism: these two words are too often confused and misused. Indeed, these two notions have little in common apart from practicing nudity in society or in one's private life.

What is nudism?

Nudism simply refers to the act of not wearing clothes in a public space. A nudist can then be qualified as a person who bathes naked on a beach and then gets dressed again. Naturism is much more than that as you'll soon find out.

Naturism is a philosophy and a way of life

If nudism can be occasional, naturism is a genuine way of life, that you can practice in your inner circle i.e. with your family and / or friends, as often as you want: at home, on vacation, etc. This means that nudity is only one aspect of naturism. A healthy and balanced diet, outdoor sports activity, protection of the environment, are values shared by many naturists who want to free their body and soothe their mind.

"Naturism" contains the word "nature"!

Life in harmony with nature, that's what every naturist aspires to in the end. Observation and respect for flora and fauna, wildlife in general, a deep appreciation of hiking, gardening, recycling etc. these are all activities frequently linked to the practice of naturism. A naturist is in essence close to nature. Many naturist centers and campsites attest to this and are true eco-responsible models.

The values of naturism

Naturism can't be separated from the notion of respect. This comes in 3 forms: respect for oneself and for one's body, respect for others and finally respect for the environment. Nudity per se is not a naturist's goal but a means to achieve personal fulfillment in nature. Freedom, tolerance, sharing, conviviality are more exciting goals than getting a perfect tan... For a naturist, taking off your clothes means making social differences disappear.

Naturism has its own adapted structures

In France, the practice of naturism (and nudism) is regulated by article 222-32 of the Code Penal. According to the latter, "the sexual exhibition imposed to the sight of others in place accessible to the public is punished by one year of imprisonment and a € 15,000 fine". Out of respect for others, and because naturism never meant and will ever mean exhibitionism, it is practiced legally in places specially created for this purpose: naturist beaches, naturist holiday centers, swimming pool with naturist slots, etc. Finally, be aware that today there is a French Federation of Naturism and an International Naturist Federation. We hope you enjoyed this article and remain at your disposal for any questions.

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