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Discover the gastronomy of french regions with France 4 Naturisme

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to experience all the benefits and pleasures that the land brings as a family. Cooking, gardening and choosing simple and healthy produce can bring real moments of warmth and sharing. There are so many flavours to discover in our regions! So, make the most of local markets to enjoy the local produce. Treat yourself to a family meal in a restaurant to try out some local specialities. Set off to explore the neighbouring vineyards and find out about the best vintages.

Do not let the children miss out on your gourmet outings. Holidays are also a chance to awaken or reawaken everyone’s taste buds and to rediscover the real taste of things straight from the land. We are here to give you advice about where to go for gourmet outings. Moreover, on our camp sites we have also chosen produce from local or organic growers to please the palate while respecting the natural world. We also offer all kinds of activities for sharing in the delights which the land has to offer. Come and cook together as a family or appreciate the gentle enjoyment of kitchen gardening!

Want to get back to nature? Come to France 4 Naturisme and enjoy living close to the earth.

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