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Have you ever heard about body painting?

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Even if you've never heard of it before, the term is self-explanatory: painting on the human body. Indeed, some artists think that the human body is the most beautiful canvas, the most versatile, and therefore, choose to use it as a support.

Occupation? Body painters!

Body painters Iepke Seebregts and Saskia Hoek create striking works on naked bodies, under the name Colored Nude. The two friends and collaborators transformed several people into living paintings at the beginning of this year. The result: 6 beautiful works of art visible here.

Saskia tells us what led her to bodypainting: “I used to work as a makeup artist. But the face quickly represented too small an area for me, I wanted to paint more! So I took a body painting course. Iepke and I have known each other since we were 15 years old. Iepke is a drawing and craft teacher, so she too has a creative background. She already accompanied me regularly when I produced my bodypainting works at festivals. Now we work together and we like it ”

The 2 artists share tasks harmoniously: Saskia excels in details, fine lines, while Iepke has a better vision of the work as a whole. “She also has a lot of ideas, which are useful when we design and develop our concepts together,” says Saskia. Both love to travel and discover new cultures. This is how the idea for their first World Women project was born. It’s Iepke’s turn to explain to us what it is all about: “We have examined patterns inscribed on fabrics from different cultures and translated them into bodypainting. "

Bodypainting by France 4 Naturisme

For their series of portraits commissioned by France 4 Naturisme, Iepke and Saskia were inspired by nature and holidays. More specifically, vacation activities and a "summer vibe" : picnicking, biking, going to the beach. They started to think and work on it, incorporating these ideas into bodypainting as well as the final photos. We can immediately notice that nature plays a big role.

However, we keep coming back to the same question again and again: bodypainting i.e. painting on the human body… why do that?? "It's alive ! replies Iepke. The human body has all kinds of beautiful shapes and lines to accentuate with paint. And then the way of working is much more intimate, you really come into contact with the models. When we paint someone's body, we can easily paint for 8 hours, without realizing it and without getting tired. We discuss, get to know each other. "

Bodypainting, a form of art in its own right to discover in these magnificent photos!

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