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Every year, the media and various tourism players and stakeholders keep sayng loud and clear that France is the world's leading tourist destination. Indeed, France attracts different kinds of holidaymakers, including naturism enthusiasts. Across the country, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean sea, there are nearly 150 beaches on which the practice of naturism is tolerated or officially authorized by municipal decree. This number is not precise nor steady as it changes every year, because naturist spaces are delcared so every year, by local regulation.

With approximately 3,500 km of coastline in mainland France where fine sandy beaches, dunes, creeks, marshes and cliffs alternate, the French coast seems to have all the necessary conditions to attract naturists. Of course, French and foreign naturists tend to travel down to the south of France, where the sun shines brighter and warmer, and you can find more accommodation. The former Languedoc-Roussillon region - now Occitanie - with Cap d'Agde and Leucate as main spots, has the greatest capacity but it is not seasoned natursits' favourite spot. The PACA region, in particular the Var department, and the Côte d'Argent or Silver Coast on the Atlantic coast (Landes, Gironde), are generally preferred.

When choosing a naturist beach, it is important to take into account several criteria such as climate, season, access, parking possibilities for your vehicle, the presence of a first aid station and facilities (toilets, playground, bars, restaurants, campsites, dedicated areas for motorhomes), the beach's size and specificities (wind, waves, depth, dunes, shaded areas, nautical activities). Naturally, a couple seeking privacy will be more willing to walk an hour to find the deserted cove of their dreams, while families will look for a family beach as close to the parking lot as possible.

Want to sunbathe without a swimsuit, feel the salty air caressing your body, bathe in your birth costume and be in harmony with nature? Read the articles on our blog and find the naturist beach that suits you!

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