6 pieces of advice to start naturism

You have often thought about it and you have finally decided to take the step: to try the great adventure of naturism. Live a new experience, reconnect with nature, put into practice its philosophy, find yourself and better accept yourself as you are ... Whatever the reasons that pushed you to make this decision, these 6 tips will help you get started. sweetness in the world of naturism.

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Get mentally ready

No, you are not perfect. The other naturists either. Getting naked is showing your body without hiding anything, revealing your flaws to others. Before you walk naked on the beach, you should accept your imperfections and ignore the gaze of others. Above all, don't think that they will judge you as soon as they see you appear in your Eve or Adam costume. Respect for nudity is one of the values of naturism. Do not forget it when you are starting out because this thought will make you feel relaxed. Another very important detail: nudity is not synonymous with sexuality. Learn to differentiate these two concepts to trivialize naturism.

Train at home

Undressing at home sometimes helps you feel better about yourself. If your first experience as a naturist makes you nervous or nervous, start breaking down that mental barrier at home. Walk naked in your hallway, living room, and kitchen, any time of the day. However, be careful not to show your nudity to your neighbors in your garden or on your balcony, as they could denounce you.

Select your fellow naturists

Generally, novice naturists do not dare to venture out on their own. Their desire to taste the joys of naturism is often transmitted to them by a loved one. If this is a trusted person who is already familiar with this way of life, ask them to accompany you on your first steps. Otherwise, choose people you trust with whom you feel comfortable. Some people discover naturism as a couple or as a family. Both options are possible, provided you have discussed them at length with your partner and with your children.

Select the right beach

Preferably, choose a spacious, discreet and private beach reserved for naturism. You will not feel the eyes of others and will only be surrounded by other practitioners.

Learn about your naturist site's rules

Naturist centers have their own social and hygienic rules which holidaymakers are required to know and respect. Read them carefully before you go and when you get there. If in doubt, contact the reception and do not hesitate to say that you are a novice naturist.

Start with a tanning session

Here you are: you are naked among other naturists, with your towel only. Lay it out quietly on a deckchair or on the fine sand and bask in the sun. Don't forget about sun protection, including on intimate areas. When you feel completely serene, straighten up and go cool off in the sea or in the swimming pool. Swimming will relax you and you will begin to feel a very pleasant feeling of well-being. What are you waiting for for your first adventure without clothes? Book your stay in a naturist center now with France 4 Naturisme.

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