10 good reasons to try naturism

More than 2 million naturism enthusiasts in France prouve the benefits of being naked on vacation are well established. Here are our 10 good reasons to try naturism.

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Naturism dates back to our earliest origins and yet, nowadays, in our over-civilized world and era, its practice has somehow become a luxury. However, naturism is for each and everyone, regardless of social category. All you need to do is tear down your prejudices and misconceptions. France 4 Naturisme lists 10 benefits of naturism.

1 – It is the best way to get as close to nature as possible, and to reach a genuine well-being feeling. A guaranteed return to basics that guarantees serenity and appeasement.

2 – Naturism and nudity practiced together enable you to accept your body and stop being hung up on it. You will feel that well-being is slowly growing and developing in you everyday.

3 – In a world full of constraints and obligations, nudity allows you to feel free as air, freed from all the demands of our society. It's a great way to take back control of yourself.

4 – Enjoy the unparalleled pleasure of swimming naked. Once and for all, get rid of the wet swimsuit that sticks to the skin when you come out of the water!

5 – Naturism breaks social boundaries and categories. Once we're naked, we are all equal.

6 – Opposite to nowaday’s materialism, naturism makes us see ourselves naked, literally.

7 – Getting a tan naked means you'll enjoy the pleasure of having no marks at all and a perfect complexion.

8 – Naturism implies greater respect for others as we're all naked, all equal.

9 – To live naked is to be in harmony with nature.

10 – Naturism enables you to overcome your shyness and feel better about your body. You will return revitalized and fully boosted from your vacation.

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