The values of naturism

A strong belief in its philosophy, a love for nature or a desire to try something new: followers of naturism each have their reasons for turning to what many call a way of live, others an interesting experience. While the former advocate a philosophical naturism, the latter tend to favor a hedonistic naturism. Below is an overview of the values that bring them together and differentiates them.

Philosophical naturism, a committed practice

For some naturists, naturism is a real philosophy. They yearn to feel good about themselves, but their quest is far from an obsession. "Philosophical" naturists are also nature lovers and respect for the environment is fundamental to them. Deeply green at heart, they have often been practicing naturism for many years and often find it difficult to plan a stay on a non-naturist campsite. Among them, the triangular relationship between man, his nudity and nature takes on an extraordinary dimension. They consider that they came into our world without clothes and belong to a planet in which Mother Nature is queen. For them, living naked is the best way to connect with nature, to rediscover this feeling of belonging to the "Big Whole". To achieve this connection and to experience this sense of belonging, the philosophical naturist must demonstrate humility and sincerity, with others and with himself. When naked, they exposes their imperfections as a human being, accept their flaws, and tacitly asks other people to do the same. They accept and show themselves as they are, sensitive and vulnerable, without artifice. It is only after freeing themselves from their chains, from those of appearance and from others' gaze that philosophical naturists reap the fruits so coveted by hedonist naturists: self-fulfillment and inner well-being.

Hedonistic naturism, freedom and well-being above all

Among hedonistic naturists, the decision to strip one's body is not the result of a philosophical reflection. Rather, it is the search for a feeling of freedom, associated with the desire to reconnect with nature, that prompts them to practice naturism. Hedonist naturists are sometimes surprised to see the deep respect for nudity that can be observed on beaches and in naturist centers because they do not perceive the triangular relationship between man-nudity-nature as well as philosophical naturists. However, as the latter, they say no to cover-up and artifice, and yes to exposed imperfections and to self-acceptance. The quest for well-being is one of hedonist naturists' priorities. They want to have a good relationship with their body, a healthy diet and exercise to keep themselves in shape. For them, naturism takes on real meaning if they take pleasure in practicing it, whatever their degree of belief.

Do you feel more of a philosophical naturist? A hedonist one? Whatever trend you belong to, we invite all new and experienced naturists to (re) discover the joys of naturism in a France 4 Naturisme naturist center.

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