Frequently Asked Questions

Are you tempted by a naturist holiday but still have a few questions? Do not worry, that is completely normal. Here are a few answers that you will certainly find useful.

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What is naturism?

Far from being a craze, naturism is a genuine lifestyle choice. It is predominantly expressed by practising communal nudity and living in harmony with the unspoilt natural world. The bedrock of naturism is respect, both for others and yourself, as well as for the environment. It provides a genuine opportunity to get back to nature. It is very friendly and is becoming increasingly popular with all ages. What are the reasons for this keen interest? First and foremost, it is because naturism is synonymous with the idea of freedom - the freedom to live as one pleases and the freedom to move. It is also because the benefits of nudity on the mind and body are very real - we learn to accept our imperfections better and to worry no longer about what other people think. In the same way, we become more tolerant about differences in others. Finally, it is because social differences disappear once clothes are discarded. Once naked, we are all equal!

What is the difference between naturism and nudism?

Nudism is simply not wearing any clothes, for example for going swimming nude. However, naturism is a complete way of life that is very healthy and lived in harmony with the unspoilt natural world. It is, of course, characterised by the practice of communal nudity, but also by the notion of respect - respect for others, for oneself and for the environment. Consideration, politeness, simplicity, sharing and fellowship are the bedrocks of naturism practised with confidence.

Do I have to be naked all the time?

Complete nudity is encouraged everywhere, but is obligatory on the beach, in the swimming pool and in the balneotherapy areas. However, clothes can be worn (or are sometimes obligatory) for certain activities and in some facilities - for example if you are cold or want to take part in sport or an evening event, then you can/must put something on. We also respect the fact that some adolescents may be self-conscious , so it is not a problem if they wear a pareo or towel outside the bathing areas. Clothes can also be worn for medical reasons or during women’s menstrual cycles. If you are staying on a naturist site, it is assumed that you are happy to be nude and happy to respect the nudity of those around you. In this instance, respecting the nudity of those around you means being nude yourself. To get the very best from your holiday, we therefore advise that you remove clothing as much as possible.

Is it possible to come to a naturist site as a family?

Yes, of course! Families represent nearly 80% of the naturist customer base. We promote a healthy and family-friendly naturism on our sites. The wellbeing and happiness of your children and teenagers is our top priority and we ensure that they are safe and can flourish. Everyone takes care of one another on a naturist site and as a result everyone keeps an eye on each other’s children. Young children are generally delighted to be naked during their holiday. They naturally love to be free from the constraints of clothes. They enjoy naturism in a relaxed, confident way and do not question it. Thanks to the naturist lifestyle, they learn to know and accept their bodies and to respect the bodies of others. Teenagers are sometimes more self-conscious . This is why they can wear a towel or pareo outside the bathing areas without fear of being reproached at all. Combining naturism and the family is entirely possible with us! We have a wide range of activities available for your kids and teenagers and there is a range of facilities dedicated just to them. You will also find convenient baby changing facilities at our naturist campsites.

What are the rules and practices on a naturist site?

There are a few simple rules to observe for the safety and peace of mind of all on the site: nudity must be practised, except in certain cases (please see the question ‘Do I have to be naked all the time ?‘), respect for others: you must show calmness, consideration, manners and fellowship at all times. Your level of hygiene must be impeccable and we ask that you please bring a towel for when you wish to sit down in a restaurant, for example. respect for the environment. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our staff. They will be delighted answer your questions as best and as quickly as they can.

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