Naturism's short guide of good maners

Getting used to your nudity, learning to live together, respecting both others and the environment: these are the keys to a successful holiday in a naturist center! France 4 Naturisme offers you some advice.

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Live naked, naturists!

This might seem obvious to many of you, but in a naturist resort, it is advisable to… get undressed! Even if this is your first naturist holiday, go with the flow! Indeed, the atmosphere is much more relaxed when everyone is naked, as clothes tend to draw people's attention. No one has come to scrutinize your body, you can rest easy. All naked, we are all equal: our bodies look alike, social differences disappear. At France 4 Naturisme's, total nudity is encouraged everywhere and becomes essential in all bathing places. Of course, bad weather conditions, medical reasons, or even playing a sport can lead you to put on some clothes. Likewise, modest adolescents can cover themselves with a sarong or a towel.

Respect, tolerance and courtesy - key values of naturism

Every person, every body deserves the utmost respect. Assume your body, avoid staring at any physical particularity and respect the handicapped. Understand the fears of those who are discovering naturism. Friendliness and kindness go a long way and offer the guarantee of a great vacation. Discretion and good manners are also essential. So, in your naturist center, avoid being too noisy, respect the facilities and drive slowly in the alleys. Each establishment has its own regulations: do not forget to read them beforehand or on arrival. Outside the center, be sure to practice naturism in places where it is allowed. Finally, no voyeuristic or exhibitionist behavior can be tolerated in a naturist center.

Some hygiene rules for a serene naturism

A good personal hygiene is essential for those who want to respect their body and others', especially when in common areas such as swimming pools. In addition, we advise you, when you're moving around on location, to always take a towel with you. It will allow you to sit on the terrace of the bar, at the restaurant, on the deckchairs by the swimming pool, etc. Of course, you'll also need it when you're going to one of the many naturist beaches !

Naturism and respect for the environnement

Respecting others and yourself is essential. Let’s not forget nature though, which gives us so many benefits and beauties. At France 4 Naturisme, we advocate a naturism in harmony with a preserved environment. We therefore encourage you to :

  • respect the several sites you'll go to during your holidays, in particular by lighting fires only in places designed for this purpose
  • sort your trash for recycling, using selective sorting bins, compost
  • be careful and responsible with your use of water and energy
  • walk or cycle instead of driving your car whenever you can.
  • favor fresh and local products, organic ones when possible

To sum it all up, go green!

You're now ready to spend wonderful naturist holidays. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, our teams will be happy to answer them.


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