6 goods reasons to practice naturism with your family

You have already practiced naturism and now, you would like to introduce your children to it. Or maybe you want to discover naturism with your family but still hesitate to get started. Here are some answers to the questions you are probably asking yourself.

When to start naturism with the family?

As soon as possible! Young children are often very happy to spend their holidays naked: they do not know what prudishness is and enjoy freeing themselves from the shackles of clothing. Naturism then becomes almost a second nature to them whereas starting naturism with a teenager can be much more difficult (see below).

What are the benefits of naturisme for children?

  • Freedom: running naked under the sun, swimming without a swimsuit, that is genuine happiness for your children! They are finally free to move, free to feel the elements of nature on their skin: sand, wind, water, etc. In addition, constantly dressing and getting undresses, again and again, when going to the beach or the swimming pool is often a drag for them.. They'll be happy to get rid of it!
  • Respect: Your child can understand that all bodies are both alike and unique, and that everyone's - including theirs - deserves respect. They will learn to judge people by who they are and not by how they look and what they wear.
  • Self-confidence: by learning to respect and love their body, to overcome their complexes by practicing nudity together, your child can gain self-confidence.
  • A healthy relationship with the naked body: by getting your child used to nudity, his own and that of others from a very young age, you desecrate the naked body.
  • Love of nature: living in harmony with it, respecting it, these are fundamental values of naturism.

Where to practice naturism with your family

For your holidays, the best thing is to go to a naturist holiday center! Everything there was designed for your serenity and the safety of your children. More and more families go there each year to regenerate and/or get used to the practice of naturism the best possible way. At France 4 Naturisme, many activities will also be offered to your children: sports, culture, arts and crafts, discovery of nature, etc. in clubs adapted to each age group.

My teenage kid is reluctant to get undressed - how do I cope?

Don't worry, it's very common, even if your son/daughter was introduced to naturism from his/her early childhood. Adolescence is a time of great upheaval, both physical and emotional. Some teenagers can be disturbed, even embarrassed, by the changes in their body and do not or no longer wish to show it during this period of transition. At France 4 Naturisme, we fully understand this reluctance and embarassment. In our centers, teens can therefore, outside the bathing areas, cover themselves with a sarong. Our teams are at their disposal - and yours of course - to answer questions and discuss this important subject.

Will my kids still practice naturisme later ?

Everything's possible. Some children will keep on practicing it as adults, and will in turn practice it with their own family. Others will move away, either permanently or only temporarily. In any case, you will have had the opportunity to experience naturism with your children, with the possibility to transmit the values that are dear to you.

The practical advantages of naturism

  • Less clothes to take with you: your suitcases will be lighter and faster to pack!
  • No more arguments over the choice of outfits in the morning: some precious time saved to plan your day's activities!

We wish you wonderful naturist holidays with your family! Please read our other articles for further information.


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