Try naturism with your family

Naturist vacations - the benefits of naturism with your family

Naturism means to experience total harmony with nature. Its practice, which is fundamentally pure and healthy, originates in Antiquity: Hippocrates already extolled the health benefits of naturism in his medical works.

Far from outdated preconceptions, naturism is even part of major trends of self-acceptance, of the abolition of prejudices about appearance, which gradually frees us from body-shaming.

The primary motivations behind the practice of naturism are relaxation, well-being and  a peaceful mind. It is an authentic approach to nature that everyone has already been able to experience: the direct contact of the skin against the elements during a midnight bath, the pleasure of walking barefoot in the grass or on the sand, of forgetting, if only for a moment, the restrictions of everyday life which take us away from what really is essential. To sum it up, the naturist experience allows humans to abolish the distance they have built with Nature.

The benefits of the practice, however, go beyond the simple physical sensation which goes along with a great mental balance which is itself encouraged by the respectful and reassuring values of a naturism. Even more so when it is shared by a whole community.

Naturism with your family - the benefits of naturism

Through its fundamental values of mutual respect and acceptance, the naturist art of living can easily be applied to family life. Come to think of it, one begins to cover the body and arbitrarily hide certain parts, on the grounds of age or development, indirectly indicating that one must start to conceal, and be embarrassed by one's own envelope. For example, no one considers it unhealthy to see a baby without clothes; modesty is taught later by ideas so old that they are no longer questioned.

Thus, the practice of naturism in the family allows parents to educate children in a healthy and balanced relationship with their own bodies but also those of others: it brings an objective perspective of appearance, establishes a dialogue on important formative themes. in the psychology of the child and then the adolescent, allows the transmission of preventive messages essential to the protection of the youngest and future adults, and separates nudity from sexuality offering a balance that is sometimes difficult to find in our current society. the contrasted and over-vitaminized image.  

The youngest will thus grow into adulthood with confidence, and above all aware of realities and social norms, thanks to the appropriate supervision of naturist environments and clubs during the holidays. Thus accustomed from the cradle to neither making the body or those of others taboo, nor to associating an apparent piece of skin with a form of seduction, we can easily argue that family naturism forms future more balanced individuals who can live according to the codes of the company while having a liberated approach of judgment and a great open-mindedness.

In an appropriate setting, the practice also allows the development of self-confidence. It flawlessly abolishes the a priori triggered by the outward signs of wealth associated with appearance and dress that often poison our own perception, and indirectly influence our own worth.

However, it is important not to force, especially adolescents who experience periods of conflict with their own development. Naturism must be an enlightened and informed choice, within a framework of benevolence and respect for the freedom of each person. Let us remember that individual freedom ends where the freedom of others begins.

Family holidays: Campsites and beaches dedicated to naturism in France

The ideal time to experience naturism with the family is of course the holidays. France is the world leader in terms of naturist tourism and has many campsites and beaches dedicated to healthy and family naturism.

Essentially located on the coasts, there are two schools: on the one hand, the hyper touristic Mediterranean coast, which is home to holiday villages and campsites located in Herault or in Provence, and on the other, the Atlantic Coast, wilder and more spacious where you will find centers and specialist areas in Gironde or Landes. You can also experience the change of scenery worthy of your dreams by choosing to sunbathe on the naturist beaches in Corsica. 

A week's holiday in a naturist campsite is the promise of a friendly and serene stay, with privileged access to a dedicated beach, relaxation by the pool in the simplest device, the relaxation of balneotherapy, and the entertainment for the whole family through entertainment and games. All from comfortable accommodation, with the services adapted to your daily needs..

For the record, a study has even shown that your naturist family vacation can be cheaper for you for a simple reason: less clothing = less luggage = less costs and constraints!

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