Bélézy cares about Provence

Respecting nature and ecological awareness are core values at Bélézy

At the foot of Mont Ventoux, Bélézy naturist site has long been committed to the environment. This can be seen in the site's various facilities and initiatives, and since we can better protect what we know well, Bélézy continues to bring you more opportunities for discovering the richness of the surrounding countryside and learning how to take care of it.

Numerous initiatives and involvement that's recognised

Bélézy's commitment has been rewarded with the Green Key label. As a guarantee of quality, this award is for general environmental management, employee training, awareness-raising by staff teams, responsible water, waste, and energy management in respect of food and maintenance products, furniture items… Bélézy, for instance, promotes the use of green electricity and has installed solar panels on site for producing hot water. For some 20 years now, to get around on site, our staff have exclusively been using bikes and electric vehicles. So that all our guests can enjoy peace and quiet, cars are not permitted on site and must be parked outside the campsite. At Bélézy, we have a large sustainable organic vegetable garden, an orchard with pretty fig trees, truffle oaks, and pistachios, along with an animal farm. In addition, Bélézy also controls insect pests in an eco-friendly way: some 50 or so titmouse houses have been put in place to discourage processional caterpillars, bat boxes are used to repel mosquitoes, ladybirds are introduced to eliminate aphids and nematodes to fight against the sycamore lace bug.

Raising awareness among everyone

To inform is good - doing it in a fun way makes it even more effective! That is why at Bélézy we organise a range of workshops for children and adults that include land art workshops along with workshops for discovering our vegetable garden, for creating a herbarium or aromatic oils, and caring for the site's farm animals. Our workshops are a great way to reconnect with nature, making anyone who takes part want to protect it even more!

The truffle - a regional treasure

Would you like to go looking for truffles with a professional truffle hunter? To add to events on offer for our guests to enjoy, at Bélézy we organise excursions into the great outdoors with a truffle farmer followed by culinary workshops supervised by the chef of the restaurant. Other workshops to learn how to prepare the products for which Provence is so well known are also organized on a regular basis.

A restaurant that leads by example

At the site's restaurant, the chef and his team delight in using the courgettes, tomatoes, aubergines and herbs from Bélézy's vegetable garden; a guarantee of delicious, healthy produce, and something really positive for the environment. What is more, all vegetable and fruit peelings are either used at the animal farm or composted!

Supporting local producers

Bélézy favours local produce both in its restaurant and its grocery store. Every Sunday during the summer season, a market organised with local producers livens up the site with vibrant colours and fragrant flavours. Organic farming - a prominent feature. Right in the middle of a region known as 'the Fruit Basket of France', you can treat yourself to perfectly ripened apricots, sweet cherries, refreshing melons and juicy peaches. And under Bélézy's plane trees, you can meet local winemakers who come along especially to let you taste their wines.

Mont Ventoux - an idyllic setting to both explore and preserve

Bélézy welcomes you in the unique natural setting of the Mont Ventoux Regional Nature Park. Rising to 1,908 meters above sea level, and some 25 kilometres long, the 'Giant of Provence' is an emblematic feature of the region. This outstanding natural site has been recognized as a 'biosphere reserve' by Unesco. It is home to a precious fauna and flora that includes the golden eagle, the roe deer, and the Atlas cedar. From Bélézy, you can set off to discover its wonders on foot, by bike or on horseback. At the campsite, we also organise photo exhibitions, film screenings and talk meetings to discuss this gem of nature.

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