What if naturism was good for your health?

This is what we will demonstrate. Nudity has been proven to provide beneficial sensations both at a psychological level and for purely physiological benefits.

One of the fundamental keys to being happy and healthy is through self-acceptance: loving your body, asserting yourself and building self-confidence. If for you the idea of showing yourself naked in front of others is a nightmare, or that, at the least, it makes you rather uncomfortable, know that if you finally overcome your fears, you will gain tremendous self-confidence. When you practice naturism, you show that you accept your body and that you accept yourself. It is a practice that has proven to be effective in letting go of society, its rules and demands. You will feel calmer, more serene and with a better self-esteem.

Naturism was originally a medical therapy recommended by doctors because it provided the skin the benefits of sunlight. Living naked from morning to night is also the best way to gradually get the skin used to the sun. By exposing it to the rays of the still gentle morning sun and then in the evening, the skin becomes less prone to sunburn during exposure to more harmful rays that shine from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

There are still other arguments, such as the benefits of naturism on your body's thermoregulation - the permanent use of clothing gradually makes you lose the ability to regulate body temperature. With naturism, thermoregulation is faster, more efficient.

As for hyginen matters, it is also know that naturism improves it a great deal. One of the basic rules of naturist behavior is to never put your buttocks directly on a chair but always on your towel. Without a wet jersey or tight clothing, there is no break in the blood or lymphatic circulation and all irritation and other inconveniences are avoided. We also sweat less. Sweating, especially in summer, favours small bacterial infections that could quickly spoil your vacation.

All you have to do now is try and be your own judge!

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