Naturism and sport - reach complet well-being

Naturism implies harmony with nature, with others, with oneself. So naturism can get on very well with sport too ! Which physical activity will suit you best? What are the benefits practicing sport naked? Find out now in this piece.

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A firm body, a mind at peace

The benefits of sport on our physical and mental health, known and recognized for a long time, are countless. For any naturist in search of personal fulfillment, sport can therefore become an ally. Indeed, to combine sport and naturism is :

  • Liberator: the body freed from the shackles of clothing, movements are facilitated - swimming without a swimsuit, what a joy! Naturally, the mind is freed in turn.
  • Healthy: living - and therefore playing sports, naked, allows the body to become more resistant to climatic variations and diseases.
  • Hygienic: sweat evaporates quickly rather than turning into humidity and unpleasant odors.

Sport and naturism, yesterday and today

The practice of sport without clothes can already be observed in Antiquity: Greek athletes in fact trained entirely naked. Today, "Randonue" and nude yoga are booming in the world of naturism and official initiatives are multiplying. Here are some examples :

  • In 2012, the first naturist Olympic Games in Brazil were held.
  • The World Naked Bike Ride is a pacifist cyclist-naturist demonstration against addiction to cars and petrol. It also advocates the beauty and individuality of the human body, embodied by the fragility of the cyclist in traffic.

In Paris, the Roger Le Gall establishment reserves certain slots in its gym and outdoor pool for naturists.

Some "me" time

Alone or in a group, each naturist has his own way of practicing sport. Thus, individual sports will be an opportunity to give you a moment of relaxation just for you, to exercise, meditate, become aware of your body and its environment. Running, yoga, swimming, archery, golf, many activities can also be done in this idyllic setting of nature. This is a wonderful opportunity to recharge your batteries, to reconnect with yourself, another way of being naturist.

Team spirit

A stay in a naturist center is an opportunity to discover and practice many team sports: beach volleyball, football, basketball, etc. Motivation, laughter and meetings will be there. Naturism is inseparable from sharing! Group naturist hikes will allow you to combine sport, breathtaking panoramas and discovery of the local flora and fauna.

Sport and naturism - be careful

Combining naturism and sport is possible provided that certain rules relating to safety and hygiene are respected.

  • The towel is a naturist's best friend! This is why you should always take it with you during your sports activities.
  • Remember to protect your entire skin from the sun's rays when practicing outdoors.
  • Some sports may require you to wear protection, so be careful. We finally hope you enjoyed this article and are at your disposal for any questions.

So see you soon for a naturist and… sporty stay!


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