What are the specifics of a naturist campsite?

Respect of nudity

"You will respect nudity": this is the first commandment of naturist campsites. The absence of clothing is, in a naturist center, quite normal. Nudity is omnipresent and is part of the landscape, just like the green setting in which the establishment is located. Nudity must therefore be respected, as you would respect the environment. Stay natural, be discreet and kind to other campers. Several naturist campsites recall this essential value of naturism by means of signs carrying messages such as "Respect each other, live naked".

Tolerance and others

Many non-practitioners are surprised by the peace that reigns within a naturist campsite during their first experience. Oddly enough, although they are naked, they feel less watched than if they were wearing clothes. Why ? Because clothes have a social connotation that sets us apart. Without clothing, we are all alike, imperfect and alone in the face of our nakedness. Like on the beach. In the end, we feel less judged than elsewhere.

Kids and teenagers

Naturist centers and the Federation of Naturist Areas in France advocate naturism with the family. Naturist campsites have games for children, water parks with small pools and paddling pools. They offer several activities and entertainment for adults and children to promote family naturism. Children usually have no problem taking off their clothes - quite the contrary. Adolescents, on the other hand, may be more reluctant. Although nudity is compulsory in some areas, naturist campsites allow the wearing of a sarong for modest children and adolescents.

Wearing clothes - basic rules

Each naturist campsite has its own rules and makes them available to holidaymakers, generally at reception, so that they are aware of basic rules such as respect for nudity, discretion, total rejection of voyeurism and exhibitionism, kindness towards children and adolescents. This regulation also regulates the wearing of clothing. As a general rule, nudity is compulsory, especially in swimming areas. If you are a non-practitioner, you will quickly understand that the mood is much better when no one is wearing clothes. That said, the wearing of clothes can be tolerated in certain cases: in cold weather or rain, in case of illness, during a dance or theme party…

Good hygiene

Perfect hygiene is required in naturist centers. Holidaymakers should use a towel for cycling, sitting in the bar or restaurant. Ask at reception on your arrival to find out about the rules of hygiene and the charter of naturist centers of France 4 Naturisme. Environment and fair tourism Finally, naturist campsites place the preservation of nature and the land at the heart of their concerns. To promote fair tourism, they work with local farmers and favor fresh products from the region.

L'âge est important pour calculer le bon prix de votre séjour

Non-practitioners would be surprised to enter a naturist resort and find that life here is just like in their traditional campsite. With one difference: visitors swim and golf naked. After a few hours, however, they would begin to observe some specificities linked to the values of naturism which guarantee the quality of holidaymakers' stay.

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