Riva Bella leads the way

RivaBella, pioneer of ecotourism in Corsica

The Riva Bella naturist camper-village in Corsica is ready to welcome you for an unforgettable stay in an idyllic setting. The environmental commitment of the village is well-recognised, as it promotes sustainable tourism and initiates many actions to preserve the environment; it also invites you to join in its eco-citizen approach.

Eco-friendly accommodation

The rentals at Riva Bella are a genuine symbol of the company's ecological commitment. Their design has meant reduced energy consumption, due to rockwool insulation, heat-reflective window blinds, double glazing, energy-saving low noise ceiling fans, etc. These various installations help to avoid the need for air conditioning while maintaining the level of comfort. Of course, building materials that respect the environment have been used whenever possible, such as seaweed-based paint, along with the choice to install A+ electrical appliances, LED lighting and water-saving taps.

Saving energy

Riva Bella has chosen to use geothermal energy: the hot water supply for the bar-restaurant and the spa centre uses heat stored in the ground. The great majority of rentals and all the washblocks at the campsite are equipped with solar boilers.

Recognised environmental commitment

Due to its environmental commitment, Riva Bella has been able to display the Clef Verte label since 2016; it is also in the process of obtaining the Ecolabel certification

Water, such a precious resource

Water management is taken very seriously here. Riva Bella fights to prevent waste with a drip irrigation system, flow restrictors, dual-flush toilets, leak detectors and posters with water-saving recommendations. The campsite wanted to provide its guests with good quality drinking water, at the same time as doing away with buying plastic bottles of water that are a cause of pollution. This goal was reached by using the vortex phenomenon, which enables water to be reoxygenated and restructured.

Nature's own mowers

The mowers at Riva Bella have fur! No fewer than 60 llamas live on the estate, to keep the green areas nice and tidy. This is a silent and eco-friendly system, which also allows for pleasant encounters!

Raising awareness, informing and involving

Riva Bella promotes and makes it easy to adopt eco-friendly gestures on a daily basis: limiting vehicular traffic, using ecological cleaning products, composters installed in every waste collection area, waste sorting, car-sharing offers notice board, inviting guests to give stale bread and peelings to the llamas and donkeys, etc. Everyone can find out how to help the environment, through the Riva Bella app, the information sheet on arrival or the poster displays. Riva Bella sets the example: the technical and maintenance staff move around the campsite in small electric cars or by bike, so there is no noise pollution, in fact almost no pollution at all!

Involving even the youngest

Even the Riva Bella Kid's Club, which entertains holidaymakers aged 5 to 14, is eco-friendly! Children learn to make paints from flour and natural colorants; to make use of driftwood, branches and even sand to create decorative objects; to get busy with land art or sand sculpting, etc. There are so many creative and eco-friendly activities on offer! And because we are more eager to protect the things we know, Riva Bella also tries to familiarise even very young children with environmental discovery and preservation through shared moments of exchange: making a herb garden, getting a taste of the local Maquis area, hiking on nearby trails, observing wild animals, etc.

So what about meals?

Another way for camper-villages to help preserve the planet is through short supply chains, local farmers and using seasonal products in its restaurants. This suits us fine, as the area around Riva Bella is brimming over with fine foods such as organic vegetables, local oysters and mussels, cheese, honey, jam, olives and even the famous Corsican cold meat products. You are guaranteed to enjoy fresh produce that is bursting with taste! If you would like to take the time to cook during your holiday, you'll be pleased to know that the Riva Bella garden can supply you with organic herbs from Corsica. Come and help yourself to mint, parsley, rosemary, sage, basil, etc, to enhance the flavour of your homemade dishes!

A spa with commitment

The Riva Bella Thalasso & Spa Resort has developed a wide range of care treatments using aromatic plants and citrus fruits from organic agriculture. To ensure your wellbeing without harming the planet, the teams always select care and massage products that are guaranteed to be free from parabens, preservatives, colorants and synthetic perfumes, such as those by the Realia cosmetics farm and Thalion, an expert in marine cosmetics. Take the natural path to wellbeing!

Local partnerships

Riva Bella supports local associations and uses their expertise to train in modern environmental practices. 'afc Umani' highlights natural, cultural and human heritage through its actions in relation to major challenges for mankind and the planet. Riva Bella is a partner company for this association, it relays the various initiatives and has organised an exhibition and conferences on its own site. Riva Bella has also established strong relationships with the Réseau Écotourisme en Corse Orientale (ecotourism network in eastern Corsica). These professionals are committed to sustainable tourism, united around a common charter, and share the values of sincerity and respect that they defend on a daily basis. Riva Bella actively participates in these meetings and debates, as well as developing the network.

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