Le Sérignan Plage Nature, an ecological campsite, is committed

Le Sérignan Plage Nature, a forerunner in environmental protection

Located in the Hérault department, at the entrance to a Natura 2000 classified area, the naturist campsite Le Sérignan Plage Nature has decided to commit itself to the protection of the environment on a daily basis, not only by the greatest possible respect for its own environment, but also by becoming a driving force and taking an active part in it. And because an individual awareness is important for the planet, Le Sérignan Plage Nature encourages eco-friendly actions from everyone.

Water, such a precious resource

Le Sérignan Plage Nature has been a true forerunner in rational water management. An innovative ecological process for recycling wastewater has been in use since the 1970s, inspired by evapotranspiration and which was the subject of a study funded by the European Community - LIFE Environment

This recycled water is notably used to irrigate the trees. The result: right in the heart of rather barren area, Le Sérignan Plage Nature is a little patch of truly lush greenery - this feat is all the more obvious from an aerial view! 

This technique therefore makes it possible to use drinking water for other purposes, and it is drawn by drilling into a natural underground water table, in the desire to be self-sufficient.

Energy - maximum efficiency

Le Sérignan Plage Natures approach to environmental protection is wholesale and coherent, and notably includes energy-efficient lighting and an investment in electric vehicles dedicated to transporting teams.

Natural mosquito control

Although mosquitoes have their role to play in nature, the fact remains that they are sometimes tiresome to live with. In order to control their proliferation naturally, Le Sérignan Plage Nature has decided to... protect swallows! Indeed, a single swallow can consume up to 3,000 insects per day. So when one of the buildings in which they have set up home on the campsite is renovated, nesting boxes are automatically reinstalled. The swallows are quick to move in or rebuild new nests. They are now form distinguishing features of Le Sérignan Plage Nature where young and old alike enjoy watching the new broods. 

Bats are not to be outdone either, as they swallow between 2,000 and 7,000 mosquitoes every day: nesting boxes have therefore been set up for them. 

Lastly, natural mosquito traps that mimic human respiration using CO2, have been placed at target locations on the campsite. 

Protecting and enriching the environment

Le Sérignan Plage Nature does, of course, do its best to maximize the value of its waste and encourages visitors to do likewise by facilitating sorting and composting in specific zones. In addition, every year, the campsite teams plant more than 1,000 different plants on the site thereby developing biodiversity. Lastly, this naturist centre protects the dune belt by erecting wooden fences which guide circulation and prevent rate species being trampled on.

The aim of raising awareness

Le Sérignan Plage Nature also has fulfils the role of education on the environment, in particular with youngsters. Workshops on making cosmetics with natural organic products, animated by a specialist, are regularly offered to children and teenagers. They provide an opportunity for enthralling intergenerational discussions. Le Sérignan Plage Nature is aware of the richness of the site it enjoys and therefore often repeats that those who wish to enjoy the site for a long time to come must act and take care of it by limiting their environmental footprint as much as possible. 

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