Euronat, a key environmentalist and nature-lover

Euronat stands for the environment and its protection.

Euronat is in the Gironde, very close to the Atlantic Ocean and in the middle of a vast pine forest; it is also the largest naturist centre in Europe. The area of 335 hectares has been designed to merge with the natural surroundings, of which this well-reputed centre takes the utmost care.

Energy saving measures

Euronat is currently replacing the public lighting system on its site with LED lighting, known for its very low energy consumption. Besides this, new water-saving flushing systems are being installed to preserve this precious resource. In addition, a mode of green transport has been available to employees throughout the season for several years now: electric golf carts. Finally, 95% of information in the offices is already conveyed digitally, with the goal of making them 100% paperless!

Protecting the local environment

There is a problem of the continual erosion of the neighbouring sand dunes and Euronat has decided to play its part in preserving this ecosystem. Therefore, its teams plant beach grasses on a regular basis to consolidate the dune area; beach grasses are perennial plants that are typical of sandy soils and that have a deep root system. In addition, the teams drive maritime pine stakes into the ground, thus perpetuating an artisanal method and ancestral tradition. An annual beach cleanup with Surfrider Foundation is also organised.

The force of nature

Euronat is fully aware of the wealth of nature, treating it with the greatest respect and being inspired by it on a daily basis. Therefore, the centre has welcomed a breeder of quenn bees on its site; and it will soon have a permaculture garden, which will have regular activities and projects to create moments of sharing and discussion.

Eco-friendly thalassotherapy

Euronat has the only thalassotherapy centre in the region that is open to naturists. In this temple of wellbeing, every gesture is designed to pay particular attention to protecting the environment. The establishment has therefore begun using a new range of organic cosmetics made in France, called 'Beauté Simple'. In addition, only natural and eco-friendly products whose effectiveness has been widely proven are used for domestic cleaning: bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar! Shower flow regulators have also been installed to save on water. Any body wrapping films that are required for some of the care treatments, as well as the bin liners, are biodegradable. Finally, drinks are served in paper cups and the available stirrers are made from bamboo.

Euronat has therefore set up larger and smaller measures within its global and comprehensive approach, because one of the basic values of naturism is to respect the environment, and this should be acted on each day and by each one one of us.

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