Domaine de la Sablière: a committed player in an idyllic setting

An idyllic site must be deserved and cherished: that's how the Domaine de la Sablière sees tourism, and it is the reason why its team is doing so much to protect the environment.

It is in the heart of the Cèze Gorges, nestled in a patch of greenery between a majestic oak forest and an undulating river, that the Domaine de la Sablière offers holidaymakers a naturist experience that is not only family-oriented, friendly and serene, but also respectful of the environment.

A site that has been awarded the Green Key label for the last 20 years!

The 62 hectares of the Domaine de la Sablière are classified as Natura 2000: they are therefore of great heritage value because of the fauna and flora they shelter. It is therefore essential that the estate protects them and reduces its impact on the environment as far as possible. Many measures have therefore been set up and for which the Green Key label has been awarded:

  • All the taps in the centre are now equipped with water saving devices.
  • Bulbs are gradually being replaced by energy-efficient models. Currently, 80% have been replaced.
  • All the paths on the site are marked out with solar lighting.
  • A sorting site for packaging and glass reduces household waste by 30%.
  • Used batteries can be left at the reception desk.
  • A compost site has been created next to the area dedicated to cookery workshops.
  • Water and electricity meter readings are analysed every month for improved consumption management.
  • Organic products have been selected for the estate's restaurant and mini-market.
  • Early morning watering, drip systems, zero pesticides: the maintenance of green spaces are also maintained in an eco-friendly manner.
  • For communications, preference is given to electronic means. If printing is necessary, it is done on ecolabelled paper.

Priority is given to local products

Local and seasonal products are top of the bill be it the restaurant's kitchens or on the shelves of the mini-market. Moreover, the Domaine de la Sablière organises cookery workshops - mainly vegan - to showcase them. A herb garden is also available for use by guests. The same "local and seasonal" approach is of course found in the famous Gaby jam workshops that have made such a decisive contribution to the centre's reputation! Lastly, the Domaine de la Sablière teams will be happy to show you the unmissable visits you should make to discover the many delights of the region.

A mission to raise awareness

The Domaine de la Sablière does its best to encourage its residents to join it in protecting the environment. Consequently, going by foot is recommended, and a shuttle bus is available to holidaymakers in July and August in order to limit travel by individual vehicle. Information sheets on the local flora and fauna are available to residents, and weekly walks are organised to discover them. Lastly, the estate informs its suppliers of the actions it takes protect nature and encourages them to do the same. As can be seen, a global and coherent environmental policy has been established at the Domaine de la Sablière, where naturism that is respectful towards oneself, others and nature may be practised.

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