Arna is committed to the environment

When naturism goes hand-in-hand with ecology

Respecting nature and ecological awareness are core values for the Arnaoutchot team. And in this naturist centre already rewarded for its involvement, our environmental initiatives are always on the increase. But beyond its own commitment, through discussions and sharing information, Arna is also intent on becoming a source of inspiration and on promoting sustainability among its guests.

The Green Key ecolabel - international recognition

Arna's involvement has been recognised with the Green Key award. A guarantee of quality, this award is for general environmental methods of operation, employee training, awareness-raising by staff teams, responsible water, waste, and energy management along with sustainable purchasing in respect of food and maintenance products, furniture items and similar.

Focusing on agroecology

Arna really looks after its trees

In 2020, Arna has decided to put the focus on agroecology. A comprehensive inventory of the site's trees will be carried out in partnership with the French National Forests Office, which is also to advise on pine maintenance. A large number of trees will also be planted in this naturist campsite-village in the heart of the Landes: deciduous trees to fight against processional caterpillars, and fruit trees to turn the centre into an agroecological reserve. Guests will soon be able to share and enjoy the delicious fruit from these new plantations. Because buying and using local produce is something Arna really strives to promote, as demonstrated by the market it organises with local producers.

The permaculture garden

In Arna, you will find a permaculture garden that is also agroecological. In this mini-forest, edible trees and shrubs, flowers and vegetables, herbs, ancient seeds, local and endangered varieties grow side by side. With no chemicals used, little or no watering, use of guests' compost; it's a real paradise of greenery to both visit and taste.

A new kitchen garden

2020 will see the creation of a new kitchen garden. Part of the vegetables used in Arna's restaurants, which were already using fresh, local, and seasonal produce, are to be grown there. A significant initiative for the environment and one that is also sure to delight our guests' taste buds! Finally, Arna has developed a new composting system that reduces odours and any harmful effects at the allocated area.

Arrna's nature workshops

In order to protect, we require knowledge. That is why, within its 45-hectare pine forest, Arna has set up nature workshops created in partnership with the French National Forests Office. It also organises hikes and walks for getting to know the fauna (including birds, deer, and squirrels) and the flora of the Landes. In collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation, Arna also organises annual run and litter-collection days on the beach.

Eco-friendly surfing

Arna's involvement is such that as a naturist centre right by the Atlantic Ocean, it has discovered and recommends NOTOX; a brand that has developed 'eco-friendly' surfboards made of vegetable fibres (linen and cork) and produced in the Basque country. But if bodyboarding is more your thing Pride Bodyboards use 40% recycled natural rubber to make their fins and 65% recycled polythene for their boards. A world first!

Nature lovers and environmentalists; your values are most certainly those shared by Arnaoutchot.





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